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Railroad Management Software


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Our Goal

To provide the railroad signaling industry with the best tools possible to help increase production and maintain compliance with FRA rules and regulations.

Our Story

Drawbar was created to provide a superior and progressive software solution for the railroad signal industry. The programs were designed utilizing over 45 years of combined experience from individuals in the signal industry. Because of this in-depth knowledge of signaling, the creators of Drawbar have implemented the exact tools necessary for signalman and signal managers to maintain compliance. Drawbar was created by railroaders for railroaders.

Our revolutionary software provides a comprehensive suite of tools to make signal management easier and more efficient. By using Drawbar, signal personnel and railroads will discover potential problems before they happen, thus reducing FRA violations.

Our Services

Currently Drawbar consists of multiple software modules including: electronic hours of service record keeping, electronic grade crossing signal testing records, learning management system and grade crossing alert electronic record keeping. A subscription may be purchased that includes all components or each component individually. Customers have the option of tailoring the purchase to the needs of the business.

Hours of Service

An interface for signalman to track and report hours of service per 49 CFR Part 228.

Signal Management System

An interface that allows for the electronic recording of monthly, quarterly, annual, 4 year and 10 year tests.

Crossing Alert System

An interface that allows for reports to be generated and tracked for crossing signal alerts and malfunctions.

Learning Management System

SCORM compliant learning management system that allows for 243 Training and Testing including on the job training, tracking and management.